Marina Beach in Chennai


 Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu established in 1639 has grown into the largest industrial and commercial centre in South India. Chennai formerly known as Madras and Madrasapattinam is a cultural hub that connects the whole of South India with its multitude of cultures, religions, traditions, communities , history and of course food. The capital city is a collage of historical monuments and new age architecture and boasts some of the most popular places in the world. The most noteworthy of it all is the Marina Beach.

Marina Beach Chennai

Marina Beach located along the Coast of Coromandel by the Bay of Bengal is the longest natural urban beach in India and the second largest in the world. There’s more to Marina than just its physical majesty. The Marina beach and the city co-exit. She is more popular than any other celebrity with the exclusion of a certain hero whose walk has made a lot of people go bonkers and his style impersonated by literally everybody. He goes by the name ‘Superstar’. The star-studded attraction of Chennai during festivals is the arrival of thousands of tourists both inland and foreign. The beach attracts roughly 20,000 people every day and we in turn leave Marina beach dirtier by 65%.

After several petitions and campaigns, the government finally opened up. The first phase of beautification of Chennai’s Marin began in 2011. Since then, numerous facilities like public restrooms, lanes for roller skating, extra parking spots, swimming pools, fluorescent lamp-posts all across the avenues, night patrolling, special off-road vehicles for Beach police have been initiated.

Marina Beach

Visiting Marina and spending some quality time is very much similar to playing GTA. It’s an open world where you come across folks of different kind. From the boy who sells roasted peanuts to buy school books to the old lady who sells fried fish to get a bus ticket to visit her son, Marina beach is metaphorically the place of resurrection, livelihood and embodiment of affection to the homeless, the pavement dwellers, the new arrivals and of course the fishermen.  Some of the notable monuments and places of interests in and around the Marina is the Lighthouse, Memorials of former head of state Annadurai and MGR and the Napier Bridge which looks magnificent in the middle of the night. The Anna Memorial located north of Marina is a commemorative structure built to pay homage to one of the most finest and exponential speakers. He was once challenged to come up with a sentence that should include the word ‘because’ 3 times, he replied “No sentence can end with because because, because is a conjunction.”

Marina is the soul of the city that can never be taken away. The closest damage ever done was by the tsunami of 2009. The Marina is a shining mirror that showcases the city’s past and will serve as an inspiration for all chennaities to create a better future.