Have a Look @ Havelock …

Havelock Island, with an area of 113.93 km2, is the largest of the islands which comprise Ritchie’s Archipelago a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands. Havelock is situated 57 km North East of Capital City Port Blair.

It’s becoming popular for its beaches, laid back vibe and great scuba diving.




Radhanagar Beach 

(Beach #7) is the most beautiful on the island and was rated as the best in Asia by Time in 2004. Gorgeous, silky white sand backed by a forest that provides welcome shade looks out over turquoise water, some stretches with a sandy bottom good for swimming and some with excellent coral reefs that are great for snorkeling.


Elephant Beach 

It is further north from Radhanagar and is popular with Indian tourists. The shoreline here was largely swept away by the 2004 tsunami and the beach is a fraction of what it used to be. However, the coral here is probably the best on the island, making this an excellent spot for snorkeling.

Kalapathar Beach

The Kalapathar beach is situated on one corner of Havelock Island.You have to travel along the Road From Beach no#3 and Beach no#5 The beach gets its name from the surrounding village called Kalapathar Village and the black rocks (Kalapathar Rocks) that adorn the coastline here.



Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is the main activity on Havelock island other than chilling out, lying on the beaches or hammocks and eating seafood. Andaman Bubbles, Barefoot Scuba, DiveIndia and Doongi Dives are the top 4 and certified dive centers, providing good equipment and offering dive training. They share pretty much all of the same discovered dive sites, and prices are more or less standardized at Rs.4500 for discover scuba dive for non-certified divers.




Snorkeling is also popular, with several options.

  • Radhanagar Beach (Beach #7) has a couple of food shacks at the end of the road that rent out fins and masks for Rs 50/each. There are great reefs for snorkeling in both directions from the end of the road.
  • Elephant Beach also has some good snorkeling sites.



Try a little hot and sweaty jungle trekking. If you’re into confluence hunting, you can find 12°N 93°E  just 800 meters away from the end of beach #5. Guides can be arranged through resorts. The Wild Orchid Resort and Emerald Gecko Resort also conduct Jungle treks and you can walk into the reception and check on their offers.

Mangrove Safari & Fishing

A local trip on a speed boat with two local fishermen to the nearby mangroves and then to deeper waters for fishing. The fishermen will prepare fishing lines for you and you can catch fishes. Duration: 3-4 hrs. Time: 15:00-19:00 usually. Cost: Rs. 3500.


… It’s Deep … It’s Blue …