Beautiful View of Lohagad Fort Trek Pune

Lohagad Fort is one of the hill forts of Maharashtra and is Situated 52 km northwest of Pune and is rises to an elevation of 1,033 m above sea level. It is an ideal trekking destination for trekkers from pune and mumbai, Lohagad fort is spread over 3400 ft wide. There are 4 doors to Lohagad from the nearby village Lohagadwadi. Lohagad is divides the basins of the Indrayani and Pavna and Malavli is the nearest railway station from Lohagad.

Thousands of people come for visiting lohgad fort because of its picturesque scenery, lush green grass, cool mountain air, and the pleasant salubrious climate. Lohagad is a One Day Trekking Destination because of its ease and accesibility. I monsoon people enjoys a lot and there is full rush on weekends.

Distance from Pune to Lohagad 70 kms
Distance from Mumbai to Lohagad 90 kms

Best Route from Mumbai to Lohagad is Mumbai – Lonavala – Malavli -Bhaje – Lohagad

Best Route from Pune to Lohagad is Pune – (Mumbai – Pune Exp way) – Malavli – Bhaje – Lohagad

View of Lohgad Fort


Lohgad Fort

Waterfall at Lohgad Fort