Ajanta Ellora Caves – A cultural heritage of India

Ajanta Ellora Caves is a cultural heritage of India and is located in Aurangabad district of maharashtra. The ellora caves are also called as Verul Leni and it represents one of the largest rock-hewn monastic-temple complexes in the entire world. The caves include paintings and sculptures which is one of the finest examples of finest art. The visit to these caves is enjoyed maximum during monsoon, when every stream is filled with rainwater, and the entire environ is lush green.


Ajanta Ellora Caves


Ajanta and Ellora caves are considered to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the world owing to the magnificent paintings of Ajanta and well-carved sculptures of Ellora. The cuisine of Aurangabad exudes the flavour of North India and Hyderabadi cuisine as the city of Aurangabad was ruled by the Mughals and the Nizams.




Ajanta Caves
A tourist can plan the visit of these caves according to the time available and depending upon the interest in ancient art. If a visitor has at his disposal three to four hours, then the Cave nos. 10 (Visvakarma Cave), 16 (Kailasa), 21 (Ramesvara) and 32 & 34 (Jaina group of caves) should not be missed.

Open from sunrise to sunset & Closed on Tuesday and Entry fees Rs 250 per person